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Maximum efficiency calibration technology.

Regular calibration is a must when using torque and angle tools. Our accredited calibration laboratory will be happy to do this for you! What some people overlook, however, is that calibration can also be carried out by themselves. And, more often than you think, it pays off to invest in STAHLWILLE calibration equipment. On this page, you will find everything you need to know about our calibration systems. And our ROI calculator tells you in just a few clicks whether buying your own system pays off for you!

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Fully integrated: networked tools

Do you want to use the potential of digitalization for your production or quality assurance? Then make sure to drop by, because with STAHLWILLE DAPTIQ® we provide integrable tooling solutions that fit your needs. Whether you want to use our networked torque wrenches, testing equipment, and calibration systems standalone on a production island or integrate them with a production control or quality management system, DAPTIQ® gets you fit for today’s industry!

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