Prevent Foreign Object Damage with us.

With our tools and storage solutions, you can prevent Foreign Object Damage in the field and in the hangar. We can supply you with screwless ratchets with QuickRelease, the only locking system which safely locks every part, from the drive to the extension and the universal joint to the socket, without taking up additional space. And our Tool Control System ensures that the loss of a tool is noticed easily. For additional safety in aircraft maintenance.

    Aviation tool storage solution

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    Many companies and users already rely on STAHLWILLE tools and tool solutions. Read more about their experiences here.

    Special tools for Line Maintenance and Aircraft On Ground.

    Our metric and imperial special tool kits for aircraft service provide you with application-optimised, thin-walled, precise and robust High Performance Quality (HPQ®) tools made in Germany. In the tool trolley, for scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance, approved for work in the aircraft interior, FOD-proof, mobile and lightweight. Our electronic torque wrenches even make the programming of sequences and digital documentation of each screw tightening simple.

      Special tool cases and tools for use in aviation

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