Increasing profitability and safety.

No matter what industry: industrial plants are investment objects, their utilisation is crucial. Maintenance and servicing are therefore of vital importance. Many industrial customers and plant technicians already rely on our tools, because they enable rapid and safe maintenance work and increase productivity. The same applies to our special solutions - from individually equipped tool trolleys to tools for work according to VDE standards. 

    Tool box from STAHLWILLE for industrial use

    Good to know.

    Many companies and users already rely on our tools and tool solutions. Here we are introducing you to some companies and their experiences with STAHLWILLE.

    Secure connections, automatically documented.

    A specific torque is often required for screw tightening in the industrial environment. Particularly in safety or quality-related areas, the screw tightening needs to be documented in an increasing number of cases. Digital and integrable tooling and torque solutions from our DAPTIQ range will therefore help you to fulfil this requirement. They work perfectly together with your control systems, and therefore improve the quality of your documentation.

      STAHLWILLE torque wrench in use in an industrial application

      Do you have any questions about our tools for industrial use?

      Simply contact Chris Rose, our industrial application specialist. He will be glad to tell you!
      Technical Sales Manager Chris Rose at the STAHLWILLE Kontor

      Chris Rose

      Technical Sales Manager – UK & Ireland

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