Electronic workshop tester SENSOTORK®

Electronic workshop tester SENSOTORK®


Artikel-Nr. 96521072|EAN 4018754155781


    Art. no.No.Measuring range N·mWidth mm (b)Height mm (h)Height mm (h1)Height mm (h2)Internal square [inch]tWeightWeight with box
    965210727707-2W2-100 N·m180 mm170 mm79 mm215 mm3/8 "180 mm7025 g10300 g
    965210807707-1W0,4-20 N·m180 mm170 mm79 mm215 mm1/4 "180 mm6255 g9500 g
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    965210827707-3W25-1100 N·m180 mm165 mm79 mm215 mm3/4 "180 mm7495 g11000 g
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    965210837707-2-1W4-200 N·m180 mm375 mm79 mm215 mm1/2 "180 mm7511 g10975 g
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    965210847707-2-2W8-400 N·m180 mm165 mm79 mm215 mm3/4 "180 mm7654 g11100 g
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    965210857707-1-2W0,2-10 N·m180 mm165 mm79 mm215 mm1/4 "180 mm6255 g9500 g
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    965210867707-1-3W0,2-10 N·m180 mm170 mm79 mm215 mm1/4 "180 mm6255 g9500 g
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      Electronic torque tester for torque wrenches, consisting of:

      • transducer (patent)
      • holder
      • display unit (registered design)
      • tripod for display unit (with 1.5 m cable)
      • spiral cable
      • mains adaptor (110 V–230 V with interchangeable socket adaptors) or direct connection to 12 V in-car supply is possible
      • square drive adaptor (No 7707-2W, No 7707-2-1W, No 7707-2-2W, No 7707-3W)
      • kit for attaching the unit to a workbench or wall in a horizontal or vertical testing position
      • for clockwise and anticlockwise use
      • units of measurement: N·m, ft·lb, in·lb
      • the easily interchangeable transducers are attached to the holder by means of a QuickRelease safety lock
      • low lateral forces thanks to low-profile transducers
      • automatic detection of the transducer
      • flexible and user friendly because the unit can be used horizontally or vertically and the display unit can be placed in many positions
      • additional tripod with 1.5 m cable for mounting the display unit to facilitate visual monitoring when using longer torque wrenches
      • especially broad measuring range from approx. 2 % to 100 % of rated value
      • the software No 7759-4, including USB hub and jack cable , enables readings to be transferred to the PC for documenting (no separate power supply needed, power comes from PC)
      • while individual transducers are being recalibrated, the torque tester itself remains on-site for further use
      • wide range of application (-20°C to +60°C)
      • complies with DIN 51309, Class 2 and DKD-R 10-8
      • with certificate
      • supplied in sturdy plastic box



      QuickRelease Rapid change and firm locking of the transducers thanks to the QuickRelease safety lock.


      Interchangeable square drive adaptors: A set of interchangeable square drive adaptors are conveniently stored in the mounting block for a range of different drive sizes.


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