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    Risk of loss of preload force

    In this webinar, we will use a test setup based on a flange connection with a sealing sleeve to check whether a non-lubricated fastener, a lubricated one, and a rusted or coated one can create the preload force required for a permanently secure connection while complying with the specified torque. Using real-time data, we will make it graphically clear to participants to what extent deviations occur.

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    Testing and calibration technology.

    orque tightening is mostly used for demanding connections requiring accuracy, which is why the torque tool must always be able to measure and trip correctly. We will show you how this is achieved with a suitable testing strategy and what positive effects this has on process capability and quality. We will also show you how you can combine the testing strategy with in-house calibration that allows you to reduce costs at the same time. And the whole process is digitally documented and traceable.

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    TorkMaster 5.2

    This webinar will give you a compact overview of the new features of TorkMaster 5.2 in about 20 minutes. The new features will be demonstrated to you directly through the software interface and explained in detail.

    Target group: customers who already use TorkMaster 5.x and now want to upgrade to 5.2

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    From TorkMaster 4 to 5

    This webinar will give you a concise overview of the main differences between TorkMaster 4 and TorkMaster 5. In particular, we will show you how you can use TorkMaster 5 to comply with the DIN EN ISO 6789:2017 standard. In addition, you will be given an insight into key features and our support offer.

    Target group: customers who already use TorkMaster 4 and now want to upgrade to 5

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