Calibration to DIN EN ISO 6789:2017.

TorkMaster 5 allows you to measure according to the current version of the standard (DIN EN ISO 6789-2017) or, optionally, according to the old standard (DIN EN ISO 6789-2003). The TorkMaster 5 software enables testing, adjustment and calibration sequences to be carried out in conjunction with the perfectControl 7794-x calibrating units and the 7791 and 7792 loaders. We recommend using our series 7728 torque transducers for taking readings. The software caters for manually operated torque tools type I, Classes A-E and type II, Classes A-G in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6789:2017.

    A STAHLWILLE employee uses the TorkMaster 5 software for calibration

    Testing and adjusting.
    For both testing and adjusting, there are corresponding special tests and special adjustment methods. A quick check method is also available.
    The functional scope of the software can be extended by the purchase of optional licences; these include customer-specific calibration sequences, the adjustment of transducers, the integration of the calibration device in a customer-specific computer aided quality assurance system (CAQ) and now an additional module for tool-specific machine capability testing (MCT).
    Both Part 1, Requirements and test methods for design conformance testing, quality conformance testing and recalibration procedures: minimum requirements for declaration of conformance (ISO 6789-1:2017) and Part 2, Requirements for calibration and determination of measurement uncertainty (ISO 6789-2:2017) can be implemented in compliance with the standards. Furthermore, it is possible to collect and maintain statistical data as part of a measurement uncertainty analysis (ISO 6789-2:2017 Point 6.1).

    System requirements.

    In order to ensure smooth operation of our software, please check beforehand whether your PC fulfils the system requirements. Latest version: TorkMaster 5.3.2

    Windows 7 or higher

    1 free USB port

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