Torque and tightening angle readings in real time.

The SensoMaster Live software allows you to record fastener tightening data for these torque wrenches:

  • MANOSKOP® 714
  • SENSOTORK® 713 (ReDesign)
  • SENSOTORK® 701

Depending on which torque wrench is connected, the following curves can be displayed:

  • torque over time (701, 713, 714)
  • angle over time (713, 714)
  • torque over angle (713, 714)

The software can display several curves simultaneously and has an export function to enable data to be processed elsewhere.

    "SensoMaster Live" software on a PC

    System requirements.

    In order to ensure smooth operation of our software, please check beforehand whether your PC fulfils the system requirements. Latest version: SensoMaster Live 1.3.1

    Windows 10 or higher

    64-bit operating system

    1 free USB port

    Demo version or single user licence?

    You can test the software for 30 days free of charge. Simply fill in the request form on this page. If you want to know more about a single user licence, please contact our support team.
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    Jörg Noé

    Technical Support

    30 days demo license.

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