Simple data transfer.

While your PC and your STAHLWILLE tool with Bluetooth module are connected to each other, you can establish a direct connection with a wide variety of programs, depending on the type of device.

  • MANOSKOP 714 & Bluetooth module 714 via SensoMaster 4.2
  • MANOSKOP 766 & Bluetooth module 766 via GuideMaster, ProTight
  • SmartCheck USB/DAPTIQ & Bluetooth module SmartCheck via CheckMaster
    STAHLWILLE tool lying on a table with a laptop

    System requirements.

    So that the software runs without problems, please check beforehand that your PC fulfils the system requirements. Latest version: BluetoothManager 1.0.22

    Windows 10 or higher

    64-bit operating system

    Bluetooth adapter

    Do you have any questions?

    If you need support on this subject, please contact us by email or call us directly. We would be pleased to put together a training program for you in our training centre or on-site at your location.
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    Technical support

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