QuickRelease fine-tooth flexible-joint ratchet

QuickRelease fine-tooth flexible-joint ratchet


Artikel-Nr. 12261010|EAN 4018754286379
  • Interchangeable
  • Unique QR locking system – secures every component from ratchet to extension to socket without wasting space



Art. no.External square drive (inch)Length mm (L)Width mm (b)aNumber of teethWorking angleWeight
122610103/8300 mm28,2 mm14,5 mm804.5 °350 g

Technologien und Leistungsmerkmale


The QuickRelease safety lock prevents unintentional loss of insert tools. These click securely into place and are only released again at the push of a button for a quick tool change.

Foreign Object Damage

STAHLWILLE protects against foreign object damage. The preferred choice in safety-relevant fields such as aerospace, thanks to the screwless design.

Fine tooth ratchet mechanisms.

STAHLWILLE fine tooth ratchets have a specially developed, perfectly balanced mechanism with 80 teeth, ensuring maximum load capacity and, at the same time, excellent durability. With STAHLWILLE fine-tooth ratchets, no less than eight teeth engage at once, which provides smooth working action. The tight ratchet angle of only 4.5° enables efficient working in confined spaces.


    • Reversible
    • 80 teeth
    • With QuickRelease security lock
    • With 2-component handle
    • Handle levers can be swivelled up and down by approximately 90°, engages and locks in the following positions:

    · straight

    · 30° upward

    · 60° upward

    · 30° downward

    • Release lock with push button in handle area
    • For work in confined spaces, with a working angle of only 4.5°
    • FOD-preventive due to screw-less design
    • DIN 3122/ISO 3315
    • DBGM


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