HI-LOK™ fine-tooth ratchet

HI-LOK™ fine-tooth ratchet

415SGH N

Artikel-Nr. 11110010|EAN 4018754282920
  • Made in Germany – interchangeable ratchet with 2-component handle, 80 sprockets, ball lock, length 117 mm,, , 11110010


Art. no.External square drive (inch)Length mm (L)Width mm (b)aNumber of teethWorking angleWeight
111100101/4117 mm22,6 mm10,7 mm804.5 °88 g

Technologien und Leistungsmerkmale

Foreign Object Damage

STAHLWILLE protects against foreign object damage. The preferred choice in safety-relevant fields such as aerospace, thanks to the screwless design.


The QuickRelease safety lock prevents unintentional loss of insert tools. These click securely into place and are only released again at the push of a button for a quick tool change.

Fine tooth ratchet mechanisms.

STAHLWILLE fine tooth ratchets have a specially developed, perfectly balanced mechanism with 80 teeth, ensuring maximum load capacity and, at the same time, excellent durability. With STAHLWILLE fine-tooth ratchets, no less than eight teeth engage at once, which provides smooth working action. The tight ratchet angle of only 4.5° enables efficient working in confined spaces.


HI-LOK™ countersunk rivet technology is highly valued in the aerospace industry, as it provides reliable connections even in safety-critical and confined environments. With our patented STAHLWILLE HI-LOK™ ratchet, the hex key merely pushes the ball lock aside. As a result, our ratchets offer the highest possible FOD prevention.


    • Reversible
    • 80 teeth
    • Patented
    • With axial drilling through the rotating part and locking of the inserts
    • For screwing HI-LOK™ bolts in the aerospace industry
    • For work in confined spaces, with a working angle of only 4.5°
    • FOD-preventive due to screw-less design


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