QuickRelease fine-tooth flexible-joint ratchet

QuickRelease fine-tooth flexible-joint ratchet


Artikel-Nr. 11261010|EAN 4018754286362
  • STAHLWILLE 1/4" reversible articulated ratchet with QR push button release.
  • 80 teeth allow a practical working angle of only 4.5 ° - for even power transmission and precise use in tight spaces.
  • Patented QuickRelease locking system secures every component from ratchet to joint to socket without wasting space.
  • Ratchet head swivels 90°, lockable in 4 positions (0°; 30°/60° up; 30° down) - for hard-to-reach screw connections.
  • The high-quality chrome-alloy-steel finish promises a long service life.


Art. no.No.External square drive (inch)Length mm (L)Width mm (b)aNumber of teethWorking angleWeight
11261010416QR1/4170 mm22,5 mm12 mm804.5 °170 g

Technologien und Leistungsmerkmale


The QuickRelease safety lock prevents unintentional loss of insert tools. These click securely into place and are only released again at the push of a button for a quick tool change.

Foreign Object Damage

STAHLWILLE protects against foreign object damage. The preferred choice in safety-relevant fields such as aerospace, thanks to the screwless design.

Fine tooth ratchet mechanisms.

STAHLWILLE fine tooth ratchets have a specially developed, perfectly balanced mechanism with 80 teeth, ensuring maximum load capacity and, at the same time, excellent durability. With STAHLWILLE fine-tooth ratchets, no less than eight teeth engage at once, which provides smooth working action. The tight ratchet angle of only 4.5° enables efficient working in confined spaces.

2-component handle

Our 2-component handle is non-slip and has an ergonomic shape. It is resistant to oils, grease, fuels, brake fluids and Skydrol.


    • switchable
    • 80 teeth
    • with QuickRelease safety lock
    • with 2-component handle
    • handle lever up and down approx. 90° swivelling, engaging and locking in the following positions:

    - straight

    - 30° upwards

    - 60° upwards

    - 30° downwards

    • releasing the lock by push button in the handle area
    • for working in confined spaces, with working angle of only 4, 5°
    • FOD-preventive due to screwless design
    • simple release of the lock by push button in the handle area
    • made of high-quality Chrome-Alloy-Steel
    • DIN 3122/ISO 3315 - DBGM (German Federal Utility Model)


Ideal for continuous use.

The ratchet is made from high-quality forged chrome alloy steel and is also chrome plated, giving it excellent robustness and durability, even in continuous use. It is designed for precise and reliable continuous use in passenger or commercial vehicle workshops, assembly and industry.


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