Double ended open ring spanners, angled

Double ended open ring spanners, angled


Artikel-Nr. 41081417|EAN 4018754021949
  • With bi-hexagon
  • Besonderes Fertigungsverfahren ermöglicht dünnwandige Ringe – vorwiegend für etwas tiefer liegende Schraubverbindungen.
  • Das AS-Drive®-Profil verhindert Kantenbeschädigung durch Kraftansatz auf die Flanken der Schraube bzw. Mutter.
  • Das Doppel-T-Profil gewährt dem Schlüssel eine hohe Biegefestigkeit.
  • STAHLWILLE: For over 160 years, we as a traditional German company from Wuppertal have stood for tools that are appreciated around the world for their excellent quality


CodeSize 1 [mm]Size 2 [mm]Length mm (L)Output profilem1m2Weight
4108141714 mm17 mm200 mmDouble hexagon AS-drive11 mm14 mm115 g
4108161916 mm19 mm220 mmDouble hexagon AS-drive13 mm15,8 mm155 g
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4108171917 mm19 mm220 mmDouble hexagon AS-drive14 mm15,8 mm150 g
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4108192219 mm22 mm230 mmDouble hexagon AS-drive15,8 mm17 mm192 g
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4108222422 mm24 mm245 mmDouble hexagon AS-drive17 mm18 mm251 g
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4108242724 mm27 mm270 mmDouble hexagon AS-drive18 mm20 mm310 g
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4108273627 mm36 mm300 mmDouble hexagon AS-drive20 mm27 mm414 g
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4108303230 mm32 mm300 mmDouble hexagon AS-drive22 mm24 mm455 g
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Technologien und Leistungsmerkmale


The AS-Drive® profile enables highforce transmission without damaging the fasteners. While the force acts on the fl­ats of the screws, the corners are left free and are not rounded off.

High Performance Quality (HPQ®)

High-performance steel, extremely resilient, yet thin-walled and ideal for working in confined spaces.

Double T-profile.

The double T-profile used for the STAHLWILLE open-jaw and ring spanners saves material where it is not needed and guarantees two things at once: peak dimensional stability and extremely low weight, whichever spanner size you pick up. As a result, tool-kits from STAHLWILLE weigh considerably less. But that is not all: the double T-profile from STAHLWILLE fits snugly in the hand, allows fatiguefree working and can be gripped comfortably and safely. This also increases user safety.


    • double hex.
    • DIN 3118/ISO 3318
    • Chrome Alloy Steel, chrome plated


More Choice.

As one of only a few manufacturers, STAHLWILLE offers a comprehensively diverse range of metric, imperial, spline drive and TORX® spanners.


Extremely thin-walled rings facilitate work in confined spaces. In addition, the rings are higher than standard nuts – which prevents the spanner seizing on the nut.

More Accurate.

Our very tight manufacturing tolerances and reproducible dimensional accuracy ensure that one STAHLWILLE spanner is as close-fitting as the next. In this way, both open-jaw and ring spanners will always firmly hug the fastener head – for excellent power-lock.


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