Double-ended ring spanner

Double-ended ring spanner


Artikel-Nr. 41070607|EAN 4018754021659
  • The non-slip finish makes for an ergonomic wrench that feels comfortable in your hand
  • The use of high-quality special steel and an elaborate forging process make the double ended ring spanner durable and robust
  • Extremely thin-walled rings make it possible to work in hard-to-reach places on machines, cars, bicycles, etc.
  • The special AS drive profile enables high force transmission to the sides of nuts and bolts without damaging them
  • Particularly low manufacturing tolerances ensure that the ring always sits securely on the screw


Art. no.Spanner width 1 [mm]Spanner width 2 [mm]Length mm (L)a1a2Drive profiled1d2t1t2Weight
410706076 mm7 mm170 mm6 mm7 mmbi-hex AS-Drive®9,5 mm10,8 mm7 mm8 mm41 g
410708098 mm9 mm179 mm7 mm8 mmbi-hex AS-Drive®12,1 mm13,3 mm8 mm9 mm49 g
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4107101110 mm11 mm188 mm8,5 mm9,5 mmbi-hex AS-Drive®14,6 mm15,9 mm9 mm10 mm66 g
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4107121312 mm13 mm203 mm9,5 mm10,5 mmbi-hex AS-Drive®17,3 mm18,6 mm10 mm11 mm78 g
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4107141514 mm15 mm219 mm10,5 mm11,5 mmbi-hex AS-Drive®20,1 mm21,4 mm11 mm13 mm109 g
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4107161716 mm17 mm248 mm11,5 mm12,5 mmbi-hex AS-Drive®22,7 mm24,1 mm14 mm15 mm144 g
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4107171917 mm19 mm250 mm12,5 mm13,5 mmbi-hex AS-Drive®24,1 mm27 mm15 mm18 mm162 g
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4107181918 mm19 mm251 mm12,5 mm13,5 mmbi-hex AS-Drive®25,5 mm27 mm16 mm18 mm157 g
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4107202220 mm22 mm280 mm13,5 mm14,5 mmbi-hex AS-Drive®28,5 mm31,3 mm19 mm20 mm223 g
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4107212321 mm23 mm328 mm13,5 mm14,5 mmbi-hex AS-Drive®29,8 mm32,9 mm19 mm22 mm281 g
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4107242724 mm27 mm376 mm14,5 mm16 mmbi-hex AS-Drive®34,3 mm38,6 mm22 mm24 mm426 g
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4107303230 mm32 mm429 mm18 mm18 mmbi-hex AS-Drive®42,6 mm45,2 mm26 mm27 mm608 g
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    • shallow offset
    • DIN 897/ISO 10104
    • Chrome Alloy Steel, chrome plated


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