Small double open ended spanners ELECTRIC

Small double open ended spanners ELECTRIC


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  • STAHLWILLE: For over 160 years, we as a traditional German company from Wuppertal have stood for tools that are appreciated around the world for their excellent quality


CodeSize [inch]Size 1 [inch]Size 2 [inch]Length mm (L)aWeight
404610105/32 "5/32 "5/32 "70 mm2 mm5 g
404612123/16 "3/16 "3/16 "70 mm2 mm5 g
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4046131313/64 "13/64 "13/64 "78 mm2 mm7 g
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404614147/32 "7/32 "7/32 "78 mm2 mm6 g
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4046151515/64 "15/64 "15/64 "78 mm2 mm6 g
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404616161/4 "1/4 "1/4 "91 mm2 mm9 g
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404618189/32 "9/32 "9/32 "91 mm2 mm9 g
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404620205/16 "5/16 "5/16 "96 mm3 mm16 g
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4046222211/32 "11/32 "11/32 "103 mm3 mm19 g
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404624243/8 "3/8 "3/8 "105 mm3 mm22 g
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404628287/16 "7/16 "7/16 "116 mm3 mm28 g
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404632321/2 "1/2 "1/2 "131 mm3 mm37 g
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404634349/16 "9/16 "9/16 "131 mm3 mm36 g
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Technologien und Leistungsmerkmale

Double T-profile.

The double T-profile used for the STAHLWILLE open-jaw and ring spanners saves material where it is not needed and guarantees two things at once: peak dimensional stability and extremely low weight, whichever spanner size you pick up. As a result, tool-kits from STAHLWILLE weigh considerably less. But that is not all: the double T-profile from STAHLWILLE fits snugly in the hand, allows fatiguefree working and can be gripped comfortably and safely. This also increases user safety.


    • Straight design, jaw position 15° and 75°
    • Sturdy, slim and lightweight intelligent design
    • High bending strength due to double T-profile
    • STAHLWILLE’s round finish ensures a surface that is pleasant to the skin and has a good grip
    • Extremely sturdy, exceptionally durable
    • Drop-forged, hardened and cooled in oil bath
    • Chrome-alloy steel, chrome plated


More Choice.

As one of only a few manufacturers, STAHLWILLE offers a comprehensively diverse range of metric, imperial, spline drive and TORX® spanners.

More robust.

When force is applied to a spanner, the greatest force acts on the area between the jaw and the shank, which is why STAHLWILLE spanners are reinforced at this point. The special design makes the load zones more resilient, which reduces the risk of breakage to a minimum.

More Accurate.

Our very tight manufacturing tolerances and reproducible dimensional accuracy ensure that one STAHLWILLE spanner is as close-fitting as the next. In this way, both open-jaw and ring spanners will always firmly hug the fastener head – for excellent power-lock.


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