IMPACT screwdriver sockets

IMPACT screwdriver sockets


Artikel-Nr. 23070030|EAN 4018754015221
  • 1/2" internal square drive.


Art. no.L1Internal square drive (inch)L2Drive profiledSize of output profileWeight
2307003040 mm1/2 "21 mmTORX®25 mmT3057 g
2307004040 mm1/2 "21 mmTORX®25 mmT4058 g
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2307004540 mm1/2 "21 mmTORX®25 mmT4559 g
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2307005040 mm1/2 "22 mmTORX®25 mmT5057 g
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2307005540 mm1/2 "22 mmTORX®25 mmT5561 g
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2307006040 mm1/2 "22 mmTORX®25 mmT6066 g
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    • for recessed TORX® screws
    • 1/2" internal square drive
    • Chrome Alloy Steel, phosphated


Optimized functionality.

All IMPACT sockets have a straight-through central bore for the locking pin and a deep groove for the O-ring to improve grip. The locking pin is not under load during use.

High fitting accuracy.

The remarkable fitting accuracy, which is due to very tight tolerances, guarantees minimum loss of force as the impact is transferred from the impact screwdriver to the socket insert and also guarantees dramatically improved durability.


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