Torque screwdriver testing devices

Torque screwdriver testing devices


Artikel-Nr. 96521206|EAN 4018754324842
  • Torque test device max. 1500 Nm , recording square, display, display holder and base body rotatable by 180°
  • With USB interface (for power supply and data exchange), included in delivery: USB power supply and Micro USB cable
  • 3 operating modes (Track, First Peak, Peak Hold), with +/- 1% display deviation, with certificate
  • Target torque and tolerances can be entered individually to evaluate the measured value
  • STAHLWILLE: For over 160 years, we as a traditional German company from Wuppertal have stood for tools that are appreciated around the world for their excellent quality


CodeNo.Measuring range N-mMeasuring range ft-lbMeasuring range in-lbNumber of digitsFemale square drive [inches]Weight
96521206SmartCheck USB 10S1-10 N·m0,74-7,4 ft·lb8,9-88,5 in·lb41/4 "5210 g
96521207SmartCheck USB 101-10 N·m0,74-7,4 ft·lb8,9-88,5 in·lb41/4 "5210 g
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96521208SmartCheck USB 10010-100 N·m7-74 ft·lb89-885 in·lb43/8 "5310 g
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96521209SmartCheck USB 40040-400 N·m30-295 ft·lb354-3540 in·lb43/4 "5690 g
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96521210SmartCheck USB 80080-800 N·m59-590 ft·lb708-7081 in·lb43/4 "5690 g
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96521211SmartCheck 1500 USB150-1500 N·m111-1106 ft·lb1328–13276 in·lb41 "5690 g
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