Automatic calibration and adjustment system

Automatic calibration and adjustment system


Artikel-Nr. 96521094|EAN 4018754214907
  • Automatically calibrates electronic STAHLWILLE torque and angle wrenches



Art. no.Length mm (L)Width mm (b)Height mm (h)Range N·mFunctional length (LF) max. mmfor transducersWeightProfile width
965210941060 mm640 mm884-1134 mm1-400 N·m815 mm7728 (Gr. 1-100)230000 g180 mm


    • automatically calibrates electronic torque and angle-controlled wrenches made by STAHLWILLE
    • design patent
    • protected by national and international patents
    • model is the same as perfectControl® No 7794-2, except it is additionally suited to calibrating angle-controlled wrenches
    • optimum adaptation to working height with motorised height adjustment
    • calibration up to 1000 N·m is possible using the easily attached expansion unit No 7791-1 and set of adaptor plates No 7791-4, Code 52110491
    • supplied without torque wrench, transducer or notebook



    6 calibrating square drive insert tools No 734K (sizes 4, 5, 12, 20, 40, 100)

    6 square drive adaptors (No 409M, No 7787, No 7788, No 7789, No 7789-4, No 7789-5)

    1 USB adaptor No 7757-1

    1 software TorkMaster 7731-1

    1 jack cable No 7751

    1 spiral cable No 7752

    1 spiral cable No 7751-2 with jack plug and self-locking precision plug

    1 low-temperature cable connector

    1 hexagon key wrench No 10760CV 2 mm


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