Calibration system complete

Calibration system complete


Artikel-Nr. 96521068|EAN 4018754179138
  • Measurement without shifting the point of application of force.


Art. no.Length mm (L)Width mm (b)Height mm (h)Range N·mWeight
96521068605 mm323 mm535 mm1-10 N·m14400 g
965210691 mm1 mm1 mm2-100 N·m67600 g
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965210701200 mm800 mm520 mm2-1000 N·m75600 g
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965210741780 mm690 mm600 mm20-3000 N·m110500 g
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    • Measurement without displacement of the force application point
    • Due to a special force transmission system, the mechanical calibration device no. 7791 avoids a displacement of the point of application of force during the calibration process.
    • driven by the handwheel, the lever mounted below the test rail is moved linearly by a spindle
    • the linear movement is converted into a rotary movement which acts on the transducer
    • the torque spanner to be calibrated remains constant in its position during the entire calibration process
    • in this way, measurement errors resulting from a shift of the point of application of the force are avoided
    • the torque spanner is automatically aligned horizontally by a low-friction ball bushing
    • another ball bushing ensures friction-free support of the torque wrench
    • the resulting reduction of the transverse forces on the transducer and the friction on the torque wrench support leads to a reduction of the measuring errors.
    • Patents pending
    • Included in delivery:
    • Transducer
    • Square adaptor
    • USB adaptor and cable for transferring measurement data to a personal computer
    • Administration software for calibration certificates


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