QuickRelease socket set

QuickRelease socket set

TCS 456/16/7QR

Artikel-Nr. 96830370|EAN 4018754291809
  • With the Tool Control System, the tools fit into chemical-resistant safety foam inserts with high-precision, 3-D cutouts



Art. no.Internal square drive (inch)Length mm (L)Width mm (b)Height mm (h)Number of toolsDrawer dividersWeightContent
968303703/8 "350 mm175 mm40 mm23 pcs.1/31400 g

Technologien und Leistungsmerkmale


The QuickRelease safety lock prevents unintentional loss of insert tools. These click securely into place and are only released again at the push of a button for a quick tool change.

Tool Control System

The intelligent modular insert system protects and organises the tools in tool boxes, workshop trolleys and workshop benches. Two-colour foam inlays make checking the completeness of the tools quick and easy.


    • 175 x 350 x 40 mm
    • 23 pieces


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