Aircraft maintenance in transit: STAHLWILLE ensures efficiency and safety

Employee performs maintenance work on a turbine with a STAHLWILLE tool
Holidaymakers know all too well how vulnerable flight schedules are and how sensitive air traffic can be. Even the smallest disruptions in the tightly timed take-off and landing sequences can cause considerable delays. It is a similar story with freight transport. That is why Direct Maintenance GmbH relies on STAHLWILLE tools. Its responsibilities include ensuring that up to 24 freight planes are able to leave the runway at Cologne/Bonn Airport each day without any technical issues.
For international logistics and airfreight companies, everything depends on a high level of readiness and availability of their aircraft, as fast and, above all, timely transportation by air is becoming increasingly important to the globalised economy. In 2021, 66 million tonnes of airfreight were transported worldwide. This was more than before the coronavirus pandemic, which caused a temporary low of a still impressive 56 million tonnes in 2020.

Aircraft On-Ground services: time pressure, safety, reliability

In Germany, the volume of goods transported by air was approximately 5.28 million tonnes in 2021. Cologne/Bonn "Konrad Adenauer" Airport received 0.97 million tonnes of these goods. This makes the airport the third most important hub for German airfreight after Frankfurt am Main and Leipzig/Halle. It is no wonder that one of the world's largest airfreight companies operates a logistics hub here. It handles 22 to 24 cargo planes each day. These need to be maintained in transit, so to speak. And none of them can stay on the ground for too long.
This therefore places high demands on the service team, confirms Direct Maintenance GmbH, whose team looks after the logistics company’s aircraft fleet on site. Their service technicians must ensure the highest level of safety and reliability while keeping to a tight schedule. This is why the company chose to use STAHLWILLE tools.

Wide aviation range

Of course, when you need to work quickly while handling extremely expensive components, and when the precision of your work contributes to the subsequent safety of passengers, you want tools that do not compromise; tools, which you can always rely on 100 percent.

The tooling solutions from STAHLWILLE allow us to work efficiently while providing the required safety.
Direct Maintenance Station Manager at the Cologne-Bonn site
Most of the work requires mobile tool storage systems, such as tool cases or trolleys. Pohensky: "Everything is neatly arranged in fully extendable drawers and can be accessed quickly. This makes it easier to work efficiently."

Effective FOD protection

STAHLWILLE leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to safety either: the tools are designed without any screws that could loosen, get lost and cause "foreign object damage" (FOD) in operation. QuickRelease – the only locking system that securely locks every element, from the drive, to the extension, to the socket, without requiring additional space – also guarantees the highest level of safety against loss of shell tools. And thanks to the Tool Control System (TCS), you notice instantly when, for example, a nut or extension is missing from the tool trolley or the transport box.
It is obvious that, as a long-standing aviation partner, STAHLWILLE knows what matters – and can support technicians by providing the exact products they need!
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