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While your PC and your SmartCheck tester are connected, you can read test data from your tester for documentation purposes, create test certificates, create and conveniently maintain a customer database as well as easily modify the basic settings of your SmartCheck tester and transfer them to the device.

CheckMaster Free: Free version

CheckMaster Pro: Offers many additional benefits such as complete barcode control in addition to the possibility to perform ‘online checks’ with the SmartCheck Angle and DAPTIQ devices. (Price on request)

    SmartCheck tester connected to a laptop

    Scope of functionality.

    CheckMaster Free and Pro provide you with a different range of features. An overview of the similarities and differences can be found in the table.

    Online testing for individual measurements or sequences

    Limitation to permitted measurements/parameters

    Barcode scanner support for online testing

    Individually configurable entries



    Multiple SmartCheck devices with automatic selection

    Central data storage

    Optional password protection

    Configurable menus

    Maximum number of measurements per certificate

    10 (one page)

    90 (several pages)

    Automated signature for certificates

    Manual data backup/restore

    Export/Import for databases, customers, specifications and individual fields

    Configurable synonyms for ‘OK’ and ‘NOK’

    Restriction of permissible measurements

    Menu items can be switched into groups

    Manual transmission of device commands

    System requirements.

    To ensure that the software will run without problems, please check that your PC fulfils the system requirements. Latest version: CheckMaster 2.1.0

    Windows 10 or higher

    64-bit operating system

    1 free USB port

    Do you have any questions?

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