Our brand. Our tools. Our passion.

The STAHLWILLE brand has stood for top-class tools for more than 160 years. From the establishment of the company by Eduard Wille to the here and now, our goal has always been the same: to produce tools that set the standard.    For us, "Made in Germany" is both a requirement and an incentive: Innovation has always been a part of our corporate philosophy. We know our markets and customers, and develop solutions to meet new challenges. That is how we provide you with exactly what you need. From classic handheld tools to networked Industry 4.0 products.

    Close-up of a STAHLWILLE torque wrench

    Four benefits for you.

    Our commitment.

    We are not satisfied with partial solutions. When we tackle something, we do it 100 percent right. From high-precision manufacturing to servicing the world's biggest machinery, we provide perfect results.

    Our knowledge.

    Tools are our passion. We observe our market environment and are constantly developing, both technically and technologically, so that we can always provide you with an up-to-date solution for your requirements which is appropriate for the market and the application.

    Our team.

    We are aware that success is always a team achievement. That is why we promote a corporate culture that is characterised by mutual appreciation and in which we work across department boundaries to achieve our goals.

    Our proximity to customers.

    We know the needs of our trading partners and users. From the wholesaler to the small distributor, and from the newcomer to the experienced worker. Before purchasing, around the application, and when challenges emerge. We're here for you. For the lifetime of the tool.

    Tools that inspire.

    The kununu portal has rated us as a Top Company and an Open Company.

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    You can rely on it.

    Quality: We are uncompromising.

    We always think about quality: we develop and optimise our tools from a customer perspective and manufacture using state-of-the-art, certified production facilities. It’s no wonder we’ve received numerous awards for our tools, such as the RedDot Award and the German Design Award.

    Proximity: We keep the distances short.

    We offer you a wide distribution network with trade partners who are available to answer any questions you may have. Not only in Germany: we can be found almost anywhere in the world via our own distributors and authorised partners, meaning that we are always close to you.

    Precision: Trust us for accuracy.

    Our products are designed to be as intuitive as possible to use. We also produce with the tightest tolerances, and use materials which ensure our products have a very long service life. For optimally controlled, perfect power transfer and precise results.

    The STAHLWILLE Group.

    Strength in numbers. In addition to STAHLWILLE, the STAHLWILLE Group comprises four more traditional companies that set standards with their passion for tools and their customer orientation. Together, our group stands for a wealth of experience that is unrivalled in the market. Discover the members of our group of companies: ALARM, JETCO, STAHLWILLE, SWM and VBW

      STAHLWILLE Tools

      The VBW Tool Factory: You’re a professional.

      The history of the VBW tool factory goes back almost 200 years. Established in 1828, it has been part of the STAHLWILLE Group since 2001.

      • Specialising in tools for construction, with the core competencies of bolt/steel mesh cutters, pipe pliers, water pump pliers and mechanic’s nippers
      • "If it says VBW on the outside, it is Made in Germany on the inside"
      • Strength by means of unique and exclusive problem solving products
      VBW Logo

      ALARM Tools – Everything under control.

      "Everything under control": the promise which ALARM Werkzeuge GmbH makes to its customers. The company, which was established in 1867, became a member of our group in 2002.

      • Experienced supplier and partner for handheld tools in the heating, electrical and construction industries
      • Selected and high-quality products
      • Speciality tool provider
       ALARM Tools logo

      JetCo: Know-how from the USA.

      JetCo has been a member of the STAHLWILLE Group since 2015. The company is one of the leading torque and testing specialists in the United States.

      • Three generations of top quality tooling solutions
      • One of the domestic technology leaders in torque technology and testing technology
      • Distinguished innovator and owner of pioneering patents
      JetCo Logo

      SWM: Tool forging and plier manufacturing.

      The SWM tool factory was established more than 60 years ago, and has been a member of our group since 1996. It is located in the Steinbach-Hallenberg area of Thuringia.

      • Our specialist for drop forging, plier manufacture and metal-cutting machining of tools.
      • Machining of up to 25,000 tool blanks per day – on state-of-the-art production lines.
      • Continuous CAD-CAM chain, high-performance CNC machines and the best raw materials are the guarantee of consistently high quality.
      SWM logo
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